Software from the Puzzle category / 2107

Charity Engine icon
The Worldwide Computer Company Ltd.
Charity Engine rating
This application combines the power of CPUs to help raise money for charities.
180 KB
Amazonia icon
iWin Inc.
Amazonia rating
In Amazonia we must create matches to fill up the power gem gauge.
308.73 KB
Cubez icon
Falco Software, Inc.
Cubez rating
Build a "bridge" of special cubes for to exit a location.
10.23 MB
Tower of Hanoi icon
Novel Games Limited
Tower of Hanoi rating
Move all the rings from the first column to the third column.
259.02 KB
2048 Desktop icon
Euler Development
2048 Desktop rating
It is a free puzzle game in which you will have to join tiles with numbers.
1.41 MB
Puzzle icon
Novel Games Limited
Puzzle rating
Classic puzzle game in which you must slide the pieces.
654.04 KB
Crazy Birds icon
Media Contact LLC
Crazy Birds rating
Arcade game developed by Media Contact LLC.
11.23 MB
The Rise of Atlantis icon
The Rise of Atlantis rating
Enjoy a nice challenge in a puzzle action game in different countries.
128.74 KB
Angry Birds - Rio icon
Rovio Entertainment ltd
Angry Birds - Rio rating
Angry Birds Rio is a game of logic which will definitely provide you with fun.
50 MB
Drum Beats icon
Novel Games Limited
Drum Beats rating
More and more drum beats and the game will be harder and harder.
441.78 KB
Wonderlines icon
GameHouse, Inc.
Wonderlines rating
Clear square by matching three or more of the same colored balls in a line on.
775.58 KB
Colour Mixing icon
Novel Games Limited
Colour Mixing rating
Game in which you must mix colors to form the target color.
260.27 KB
crossword puzzle icon
Novel Games Limited
crossword puzzle rating
Fun and entertaining game in which you need to fill.
439.23 KB
Sequence Master icon
Novel Games Limited
Sequence Master rating
Challenging memory game for all ages.
656.55 KB
Scene Memory icon
Novel Games Limited
Scene Memory rating
Enjoyable memory game in which you must remember a scene.
441.54 KB
Memory V icon
Novel Games Limited
Memory V rating
Enjoyable memory game in which you must remember the cards.
261.95 KB
Bookworm Adventures icon
PopCap Games
Bookworm Adventures rating
The main character of this game is Lex. He loves to spell out words.
19.99 MB
Free Crossword Puzzle Maker icon
Free Crossword Puzzle Maker rating
It is a program that allows you to create crossword puzzles.
593.45 KB
Star and Coins icon
Novel Games Limited
Star and Coins rating
A nice game in which you must put coins into eight corners of a star.
262.38 KB
Snail Bob 2 icon
Snail Bob 2 rating
Adventure puzzle game. Hope you have fun!
6.31 MB
Wedding Bouquets icon
Novel Games Limited
Wedding Bouquets rating
See how fast and efficient your are in locating and ordering objects.
292.21 KB
Multiplayer Connect Four icon
Novel Games Limited
Multiplayer Connect Four rating
In this game there will be a board with holes and you can slide in the pegs.
833.88 KB
Moving Memory icon
Novel Games Limited
Moving Memory rating
Wonderful game, which employs very good tactics.
291.01 KB
Missionaries and Cannibals icon
Novel Games Limited
Missionaries and Cannibals rating
Simple but challenging puzzle game.
651.87 KB
Monkey Banana icon
Novel Games Limited
Monkey Banana rating
You need to put the monkey on the correct path so that it can take the banana.
833.9 KB
Find the Suspect icon
Novel Games Limited
Find the Suspect rating
Memory game in which you must remember the missing face.
260.24 KB
Jigsaw Puzzle icon
Novel Games Limited
Jigsaw Puzzle rating
Your task is to arrange the pieces, and place them in their correct position.
254.49 KB
Water Jars icon
Novel Games Limited
Water Jars rating
Flash game that can be played even online.
832.96 KB
Sudoku X icon
Novel Games Limited
Sudoku X rating
Challenging variant of the traditional sudoku.
439.2 KB
Colour Trap icon
Novel Games Limited
Colour Trap rating
Tricky game in which you must click on the name of the color.
441.65 KB