Software from the Other Tools category / 484

Adobe Illustrator icon
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe Illustrator rating
Create distinctive vector artwork for any project.
180 KB
Led Player icon
Led Player rating
Ideal DMX512 software product for all DMX applications.
ButtonBeats DubStep Balls icon
ButtonBeats DubStep Balls rating
It is a free program that allows you to generate various music beats.
180 KB
V-Drums Friend Jam icon
Roland Corporation
V-Drums Friend Jam rating
Download practice songs for free from Internet.
14.48 MB
microKONTROL Editor Librarian icon
Korg Inc.
microKONTROL Editor Librarian rating
It gives you the ability to edit the function of each and every controller.
4.64 MB
Stanton QuickGrid icon
Stanton DJ
Stanton QuickGrid rating
QuickGrid is an offline analysis tool for your SCS.4DJ.
49.68 MB
Corsair Headset Software icon
Corsair Headset Software rating
It is designed to manage Corsair Headset settings.
6.78 MB
Avid AMA Plug-in for MXF icon
Avid Technology, Inc.
Avid AMA Plug-in for MXF rating
Avid supports generic MXF media through Avid’s Media Access (AMA) method.
1.22 MB
Korg Kontrol Editor icon
Korg Inc.
Korg Kontrol Editor rating
Using the this software you'll be able to customize the microKEY for your setup.
180 KB
Nord Sample Editor icon
Clavia DMI AB
Nord Sample Editor rating
Lets you load your own WAV files into your Nord keyboard.
3.14 MB
Anu Script Manager icon
Anu Graphics Systems
Anu Script Manager rating
11.94 MB
PCG Tools icon
Michel Keijzers, MiKeSoft
PCG Tools rating
Free app designed for Korg Music workstations and synthesizers.
4.88 MB
MagicInfo Express2 icon
Samsung Electronics
MagicInfo Express2 rating
MagicInfo Express can create and deploy your custom content on the Samsung TV.
289.04 MB
Audiometer icon
Audiometer rating
It simulates the audiometer functions on your computer.
3.24 MB
MediaTab icon
Juan Manuel Lozano Contreras
MediaTab rating
It is a program that provides information regarding your multimedia files.
3.2 MB
Multi-Toon Control icon
Binary Engineers
Multi-Toon Control rating
It gives you the ability to run two or more toons on the same PC together.
318.91 KB
GT-100 Librarian icon
Roland Corporation
GT-100 Librarian rating
Manage your GT-100 User Patches as a library.
7.95 MB
Blue Iris Tools icon
IP Cam Talk -
Blue Iris Tools rating
Blue Iris Tools was created to act as a companion to Blue Iris.
3.73 MB
Dolet for Finale icon
MakeMusic, Inc.
Dolet for Finale rating
It provides accurate translations between notation programs currently available.
5.19 MB
BeatBuddy Manager icon
Singular Sound
BeatBuddy Manager rating
Import your own MIDI and WAV files to create your own songs and drum sets.
35.32 MB
Danley Design Tool 2d icon
Danley Sound Labs
Danley Design Tool 2d rating
It is a program designed to visualize how sound propagates from loudspeakers.
2.04 MB
Cinergy Script Editor icon
Mindstar Productions
Cinergy Script Editor rating
Production management tool.
17.38 MB
Fantasy Voices for MorphVOX icon
Screaming Bee Inc.
Fantasy Voices for MorphVOX rating
It is an add-on for MorphVOX that enhances your role-playing experience.
1.24 MB
NI Camera File Generator icon
National Instruments Corporation
NI Camera File Generator rating
Interactive camera file generation software tool.
227.3 MB
Laikoi Dromoi icon
bouzoukispot / mpouzouki
Laikoi Dromoi rating
Scale generator for Greek Music Scales.
965.46 KB
KORG RADIAS Sound Editor icon
Korg Inc.
KORG RADIAS Sound Editor rating
A software application for the RADIAS Synthesizer / Vocoder.
180 KB
Music Finder File Manager icon
Jørgen Sørensen
Music Finder File Manager rating
It can manage records in the Music Finder Files.
553.76 KB
Vovoid VSXu icon
Vovoid Media Technologies
Vovoid VSXu rating
It enables you to get the VSXu Player, Artiste and Engine.
21.52 MB
PPM Mini icon
Darkwood Designs
PPM Mini rating
Click the push button to switch to M/S mode. There is no 20db boost button.
773.59 KB
SonicCell Editor icon
Roland Corporation
SonicCell Editor rating
Dream for computer-based musicians.
37.79 MB