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Kea Coloring Book icon
Kea Software
Kea Coloring Book rating
It lets kids color pages using a bucket fill or a freehand brush.
11.22 MB
Talking Alphabet icon
Talking Alphabet rating
The perfect way for toddlers and children to learn their ABC's and 123's.
8.42 MB
Extreme BMX Park icon
Free Kids Games
Extreme BMX Park rating
Take your bike out on the course and try out some of the craziest stunts.
2.69 MB
Crazy Car icon
Free Kids Games
Crazy Car rating
It is a small game where you can play a role of a crazy little car.
1.63 MB
Adventures of Zelda icon
Free Kids Games
Adventures of Zelda rating
Zelda game comes with additional levels and a variety of exciting features.
1.59 MB
Duck Hunter Reload icon
Falco Software, Inc.
Duck Hunter Reload rating
It is a game in which you have to shoot as many ducks as you can.
6.19 MB
Space Dude Warrior icon
Free Kids Games
Space Dude Warrior rating
There you will have to fight big redish aliens. Those monsters are no fun.
1.69 MB
Dino Hatch icon
Free Kids Games
Dino Hatch rating
Perfect game for kids! It is fun and exciting.
2.34 MB
Star Counter Milo icon
Free Kids Games
Star Counter Milo rating
This incredible game is a perfect way to train your short term memory.
1.46 MB
Chopper Mission icon
Free Kids Games
Chopper Mission rating
You have to avoid different obstacles by carefully adjusting your height.
1.56 MB
SpiritPad Synchro icon
XINGRONG Electronic Technology Industrial Company Limited
SpiritPad Synchro rating
An application that allows to connect the Spirit Pad tablet to your pc.
9.32 MB
Battle of Galtuch icon
Free Kids Games
Battle of Galtuch rating
Your objective is to build a space fortress with all the necessary defense.
2.52 MB
Snacky The Snake icon
Lucky Legend
Snacky The Snake rating
Perfect playground for children imagination. It is the.
1.89 MB
The MagicBook icon
NirP Software
The MagicBook rating
Entertaining software tool to introduce your kids to the world of painting.
Alphabetic Adventures icon
Falco Software 2013
Alphabetic Adventures rating
It is a neat little game, perfect to help your kids learn letters.
52.53 MB
Mari0 icon
Mari0 rating
A complete from scratch recreation of Super Mario Bros.
5.48 MB
Granny in Paradise icon
Sandlot Games
Granny in Paradise rating
Arcade game where you have to save kitties.
232.16 KB
Childsplay icon
Childsplay rating
Collection of educational games for kindergarten children.
180 KB
Memory Games icon
Memory Games rating
Memory Game 5 is a small yet very addictive game that tests your memory skills.
860.03 KB
Drawing4Kids icon
IATAR Studio
Drawing4Kids rating
Wonderful free drawing tool for kids.
Labeling Game icon
Novel Games Limited
Labeling Game rating
Educational game for kids in which you must place labels.
258.9 KB
Count the Sheep icon
Novel Games Limited
Count the Sheep rating
Your goal in this game is to guess the correct number of sheep.
654.32 KB
PaperPlane icon
PaperPlane Team / ENJMIN
PaperPlane rating
Video game where you fly a paper airplane.
111.25 MB
Easter Egg Hunt icon
Novel Games Limited
Easter Egg Hunt rating
Simple flash game in which you must collect easter eggs.
263.16 KB
Jojo’s Fashion Show icon
Jojo’s Fashion Show rating
Jojo's Fashon Show is a good game to test your fashion sense.
128.75 KB
Turtle Bridge 2 icon
Free Kids Games
Turtle Bridge 2 rating
Thrilling little game for kids and their parents.
1.71 MB
Toddler Slides icon
Toddler Slides rating
A fun program to display images and play sounds.
2.25 MB
Noodle Shop icon
Noodle Shop rating
Interesting simulation game for kids whit an friendly interface.
2.26 MB
Pixelville icon
Free Kids Games
Pixelville rating
Your job is to build a retirement home for all the elderly Pixel habitants.
2.12 MB
Galactic Fish icon
Free Kids Games
Galactic Fish rating
You are one extremely ugly Galactic Fish, floating freely through the space.
1.69 MB