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Real Chess icon
Media Contact LLC
Real Chess rating
Real Chess offers this classic game with 3D graphics and excellent gameplay.
2.3 MB
Arena icon
Martin Blume
Arena rating
Free Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess.
Ludo icon
Ihsan Ul Haque
Ludo rating
Be the first to get all of your counters to the HOME base.
465.46 KB
ChessBase Reader icon
ChessBase GmbH
ChessBase Reader rating
Open chess games database files and play through the games.
46.54 MB
Free Chess icon
Jorge Pardo Serrano
Free Chess rating
7.24 MB
Chess Pro 3D icon
Chess Pro 3D rating
Improve your chess playing skills directly from your computer.
12.17 MB
Dominoes Game Software icon
Dominoes Game Software rating
See if you can beat the computer in a game of dominoes.
3.84 MB
InfinityChess icon
Innovative Solutions
InfinityChess rating
Infinity Chess is a program that enables you to play chess online.
81.09 MB
CHESS: Disciplined Concurrency Testing icon
CHESS: Disciplined Concurrency Testing rating
Play agains a human opponent or against the computer.
180 KB
ICC for Windows icon
Internet Chess Club, Inc.
ICC for Windows rating
Chess Club client with a simple graphical user interface.
38.52 MB
Chess Maniac icon
Falco Software, Inc.
Chess Maniac rating
A free-to-play classic, chess game with 2D graphics.
15.27 MB
Tic Tac Toe by Ludei icon
Tic Tac Toe by Ludei rating
You'll have to get three circles/crosses in a horizontal/vertical/diagonal line.
37.08 KB
MineSweeper 2014 icon
MyPlayCity, Inc.
MineSweeper 2014 rating
Clear the game board without exploding mines in the game MineSweeper 2014.
1.9 MB
Lucky Sudoku icon
GameTop Pte. Ltd.
Lucky Sudoku rating
Challenge your brain with the tricky logic of the Sudoku puzzle.
29.24 MB
Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe icon
Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe rating
Enjoy this brand new deluxe version of the game, featuring gorgeous graphics.
31.51 MB
Multiplayer Chess icon
Novel Games Limited
Multiplayer Chess rating
It is a classical chess game where you have to capture the opponent's king.
261.41 KB
BlitzIn icon
Internet Chess Club
BlitzIn rating
Program that lets you play chess in the ICC website.
3.07 MB
Yut icon
Novel Games Limited
Yut rating
In this game there will be a circular path with a cross path inside.
261.58 KB
MyMahj icon
Olivier Playez
MyMahj rating
Have a good time with this fun solitary puzzle game called MyMahj.
6.39 MB
ChessRally icon
Ingenuware, Ltd.
ChessRally rating
Very complete chess game for Windows.
22.05 MB
Tarrasch Chess GUI icon
Triple Happy Ltd.
Tarrasch Chess GUI rating
The Tarrasch GUI is ideal for playing against and training with chess engines.
3.22 MB
Multiplayer Checkers icon
Novel Games Limited
Multiplayer Checkers rating
Your goal is to capture all of your opponents pieces.
262.41 KB
Ball Lines icon
Novel Games Limited
Ball Lines rating
Move the balls into straight or diagonal lines to make them pop.
260.63 KB
Five Dice icon
Novel Games Limited
Five Dice rating
Match dice patterns to clear the level and earn a big juicy score.
441.25 KB
Royal Game of Ur icon
Novel Games Limited
Royal Game of Ur rating
The object of this game is to enter all your pegs into the board.
654.84 KB
Multiplayer Five in a Row icon
Novel Games Limited
Multiplayer Five in a Row rating
The players will take turns to put pegs on the intersection of the lines.
261.23 KB
Multiplayer Okey icon
Novel Games Limited
Multiplayer Okey rating
Multiplayer table based game.
653.77 KB
Multiplayer Go icon
Novel Games Limited
Multiplayer Go rating
You and your opponent take turns to place stones on the intersections.
260.39 KB
Strategic Bingo icon
Novel Games Limited
Strategic Bingo rating
In this game you play bingo with other players in a strategic way.
440.23 KB
Ya! Dice icon
Novel Games Limited
Ya! Dice rating
In this game you roll 5 dice and match the result score points.
441.55 KB